Fernando TRZ

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Fernando “TRZ” Falcoski is a keyboard player, producer and sound designer, graduated in Popular Piano and Graphic Design from Unesp Bauru, SP.

He began to work in the independent music scene in Bauru, São Paulo State, in the late 1990s, integrating the band “Mercado de Peixe”, and signing the musical productions of the band’s label, Samacô Records.

In 2004 he moved to São Paulo city, where he lived for 10 years and played with several renowned artists and bands from the independent scene, such as Electronic Brain, Pipo Pegoraro, Lucas Santtana, Aláfia, Maria Alcina, Kika, as well as his instrumental nu jazz band, the Lavoura.

Fernando TRZ is currently part of Liniker & Os Caramelows, one of the most famous bands in Brazil.

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