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John Telfer

John has created successful companies in three countries. The initial company was Basement Music, in which writers like Augustus Pablo and Dennis Brown were signed to long term contracts. Basement evolved into a highly successful management company. The first artist was Joe Jackson who went on to become a multi platinum and gold artist. Everything but the Girl were the next successful artists.


John moved to New York and became the manager of Television, Tom Verlaine, David Bowie, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Liona Boyd, and The Proclaimers, who were more very successful and original artists.


He took a gap year and went back-packing through Africa for almost a year. After returning to his other reality, he was asked to become Head of International at Rykodisc. He established a network of licensees, distributors and publishers throughout the world.


After five years he followed his heart and moved to Brazil. He created a highly successful publishing company, Basement Brazil, which rapidly became the leading independent publisher in Brazil. He sold his company to BMG and was appointed Managing Director of BMG Brazil for almost a year. He resigned as he realized he did not wish to be part of a corporate structure.


Since then, he had the concept of a new music business partnership and created the new adventure of Rocking Gorillas with his partners and friends, Maíra and Helena.

Onwards and upwards! We will be having Fun!

Maíra Colucci

Maíra has been working in the music market for 15 years, since the early years of Basement Brazil. She has worked in different areas of the music market, including copyright, royalties and synchronization. She’s in charge of the entire operational department of Rocking Gorillas Music and royalties, in addition to being responsible for ensuring transparent accountability for royalties received in Brazil and abroad.

Helena Cavalcanti

Helena has over 10 years of experience in the copyright field and is responsible for the creative part of the company. She serves national artists and coordinates all music licensing for movies, series, commercials and soap operas. In her spare time, she dedicates herself to music in another way, through the study of the piano.

Tatiane Ribeiro

Tatiane has been working in the music business since 2001. Before joining Rocking Gorillas, she worked at Fermata do Brasil (Copyright/Synch) and BMG Brazil (Copyright) publishers.


She has a degree in Social Communication - Advertising and Marketing, Legal Services and a postgraduate degree in Business Administration. Currently, she is responsible for the entire copyright area, in other words, everything involved in the processes of exchanging information with associations and registering musical works, which is essential to guarantee the flow of income for authors.

Gutto Moreira

Gutto started his career in copyright at Ecad in 2011 and specialized in registration, conflict resolution and credit adjustment. He worked at Abramus society from 2016 to 2021, specializing even further in the registration department and catalog management. He’s currently part of the team of specialists in copyright and royalties from Rocking Gorillas

del Busso

Gabi is responsible for the licensing area. She takes care of the entire process of authorization of musical usage in TV programs, as well as the negotiations on the releases of versions, covers and samples of the Rocking Gorillas catalog. She’s currently studying Law at the University of São Paulo, after studying Language and Literature at the same institution. She has also worked as a writing teacher. In her free time, she enjoys reading and listening to good podcasts.


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