Saci Wèrè

Swirl is the name of that mess of earth and air… it happens, dances and disappears. Sometimes there is a short laugh. From the dust standing on the earth that rotates, that rotates, that dances in the air; from this gust of wind, from this blunt moment… this is what the sacis are born from.

Saci is the wildcard element. The pulsating character of Brazilianness, the uncertainty area of ​​improvisation. The emblematic and powerful figure of the saci – defolklorized and re-signified – comes to life in the new Brazilian rituals.

It’s an anthropophagic rescue; the hot elements of electric instruments, fused to the percussive epiphanies that bring the feet to the ground.

The fusion of this Saci Weré refers to the influence of black people who came to America and who spread around the world in the form of soul, funk, rock. It also dialogues with a Caribbean sound, with the sea, with the warm rhythms that form the body language of Latin America.

All this mixed in a reinterpretation that is only possible in the dry climate of the Central Plateau, an effervescent cultural whirlwind where there is no fear of mixing baião with jazz, a fertile ground for the unpredictable.

Saci Weré is one of those musicalities that are born in the whirlpool of our Brasília.

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